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Sci-Fi · 2005 · 5 Minutes · 16mm · Color · 1.33:1 · Stereo · English

Violent Outbursts. Sexual Frustration. Problem with Authority.

The Subject


You are about to enter a cold world. Harsh and empirical, it is a world that exacts its toll upon the mind... upon the soul. It is the world of Argus Channing, The Subject. Thrown into a series of psychological examinations, you must witness Channing's very sanity be put to the test. His tormentors? The Scientists. Frigid, detached, they set in motion this cruel battery from the protective shelter of their control room. In the end, it will be up to you to decide who is truly insane: the tormentors, or the tormented?

Written & Directed by
Brock H. Brown

Johnny Summers .... Argus Channing
Mokhsin Moehtar .... Graves
Evan Neill .... Fisk
Evangeline Provost .... Carpenter
Joshua Provost .... Holden

Director of Photography
Chad Einwalter

Assistant Cameraman
Mokhsin Moehtar

James Petersma

Second Unit Cameraman
Joshua J. Provost

Brandon Steed

Brock H. Brown
Joshua J. Provost

Makeup Artist
Evangeline Provost

Costumes & Props
Joe Garcia
Brooke Kragness

Simon Brewer

Special thanks to
Sunbelt Scenic Studios
Ryan Bushman @ The Cage
Anna Thorlaksdottor
Cary Cook
Gabriel Loyer
Scottdale Community College