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DVD · MOC001

Matter of Chance - Volume One

Brock H. Brown - Student Films

Our first DVD release celebrates Brock's film school experience. Includes his student films, assignments, exclusive interviews, extras, raw footage, and a virtual notebook of Brock's writings. Packaging modeled after Brock's ever-present Moleskine notebooks.

DVD Contents

Brock's student films like you've never seen them before. New uncompressed scene-by-scene transfer. Final edits and color correction supervised by Brock in 2006.

Commercial for Bic pens, Cinematography test footage, a Demo Reel, and a Photo Montage.

Featurettes about each film, in Brock's own words, featuring on-camera interviews conducted in 2007.

Pantomiming color version, Outside In alternate title sequence, The Subject teaser trailer, and Flim Flam audition reel.

Raw Footage
Outtakes and unused footage from Brock's first three films. See Brock and the crew in action.

52-page virtual notebook of Brock's blog posts documenting his college experience from his first class to picking up his diplomas.

Flim Flam
Comedy · 2006

The Subject
Sci-Fi · 2005

Outside In
Sci-Fi · 2004

Comedy · 2004