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Comedy · 2006 · 9 Minutes · DV · Color · 1.85:1 · Stereo · English

Flim Flam

Learn to Trust


Misanthropic confidence man Truman Gains makes up a rare, deadly disease to gain the sympathy of gorgeous, but withdrawn, Aimee Maryon.

Written & Directed by
Brock H. Brown

Van Rockwell .... Truman Gains
Jessica Watkins .... Aimee Maryon
Juliette Spence .... Nurse
Linda Waymire .... Darla
Richie DeGrow .... Waiter
Rebekah Loyer .... Support Group Member
Jessica Brown .... Support Group Member
Evangeline Provost .... Support Group Member
Alicia Collinge .... Support Group Member
Mark Wilson .... Sushi Bar Dweller
James Bastian .... Sushi Bar Dweller
Nick Olson .... Sushi Bar Dweller
Jamie Rivera .... Sushi Bar Dweller

Director of Photography
Drew Hoffman

First Assistant Cameraman
Tyler Cooper

Assistant Director
Ross Kolton

Mark Wilson

Best Boy Electric
Mike DeAlba

Key Grip
James Bastian

Charlie Terry
Marcus Root
Sean McIntosh

Craft Services
Nick Olson

Sound Mixers & Booms
Colin Stapczynski
Jamie Rivera

Makeup Artists
Alicia Collinge (beauty makeup)
Marcus Root (sick makeup)

Joshua J. Provost

Special Thanks to
Andrew Ramsammy
Kieren Thompson
The Entire SCC/MPTV Staff
Joe Ortega
Laura Durant
Scott Conditt