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Action · 2005 · 4 Minutes · DV · Color · 2.39:1 · Stereo · English

Winter's Day

Her Day Has Arrived

Charlotte Winter has been involved in every intrigue to hit Washington since her husband was elected Senator—murder, extortion, assassination, you name it. On the run, the FBI has her pinned down in a construction site outside of Phoenix. Will they apprehend this evil seductress, and why is a mysterious NSA agent tagging along?

Written & Directed by
Joshua J. Provost

Ron Kragness .... Atwood
Chris Dean .... Darden
Philip Moore .... Porter
Brad Brantingham .... Archer
Chase Brown .... Moss
Larry Garcia .... Bazan
Gabriel Loyer .... Lelay
Evangeline Provost .... Winter

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Assistant Director
Brock H. Brown

Creative Consultant
John Gastaldo

Makeup Artist
Evangeline Provost

Bonnie Garcia
Brooke Kragness

Based on
Alexandre Dumas'
"The Three Musketeers"

Closetful of Churches
Written and performed by Antarctica
Courtesy of File 13 Records

Special thanks to
The Command Post
Phoenix Film Project
The Security Guard