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Drama · 2005 · 4 Minutes · DV · Color · 2.39:1 · Stereo · English

The People's Champion

A road-weary touring band discovers that the quality of their audience is much more important than the quantity.

Directed by
Brock H. Brown

Gabriel Loyer .... Shane Leander
Evangeline Provost .... Haley Langsing
Aaron Meyer .... Marley Langsing
Bob Dolan .... Marty Balin
Matthew Geiger .... DJ Don Dynamite
Jenifer Sanchez .... Laney Vasquez
Matthew Turner .... Champions Street Team
Hannah Turner .... Champions Street Team
Anthony Turner .... Champions Street Team
Tessa Miller .... Champions Street Team
Rain Miller .... Champions Street Team
John Gastaldo .... Champions Street Team
Brock Brown .... Champions Street Team

Written by
Brock H. Brown
Gabriel Loyer

Story by
Matter of Chance

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Boom Operator
John Gastaldo

Makeup Artist
Evangeline Provost

"Pity Versus Sympathy"/"Implode"
Written and Performed by
The Moon Is No More
Courtesy of 727 Records

Special thanks to
Beatrice Moore
Ray Garcia de Leon
Almost Famous Film Festival
Scott, Brian & Dee @ Soul Invictus