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Thriller · 2004 · 4 Minutes · DV · Color · 1.85:1 · Stereo · English

The Glove Box

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Scott Williamson is out for a Sunday drive. All is normal, except for that pesky glove box that will not stay shut. This annoyance will require a closer look in this chilling thriller.

Written & Directed by
Gabriel Loyer

Gabriel Loyer .... Scott Williamson
Ultraviolent Ray .... Hoodlum
Brent Finnegan .... Hoodlum

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Creative Consultant
Brock H. Brown

Evangeline Provost
John Gastaldo

"The Golf Cart Preacher"
Written and performed by Fatigo
Courtesy of 727 Records

"Getting By"
Written and performed by The Casket Lottery
Courtesy of Second Nature Recordings