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Suspense · 2006 · 5 Minutes · DV · Color · 1.33:1 · Stereo · English


Room 214?

Businessman Phillip Shaw checks into the Hotel San Carlos for a romantic rendezvous. Intercepted by an expectant stranger, Mr. Shaw inadvertently becomes an accessory to his own murder in this spiraling and suspenseful case of mistaken identity.

Directed by
Joshua J. Provost

Micah Blowers .... The Body
Brock Brown .... Philip Shaw
William Jennings .... The Clerk
Gabriel Loyer .... Rupert Gallows
Evangeline Provost .... Eve Shaw
Joshua Provost .... Voice of The Clerk

Written by
Brock H. Brown
Joshua J. Provost

Story by
Micah Blowers
Brock H. Brown
Gabriel Loyer
Evangeline Provost
Joshua J. Provost

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Micah Blowers

Makeup Artist
Evangeline Provost

Victor Spiegel

Special thanks to
Hotel San Carlos
Ballboy Productions
Almost Famous Film Festival
Phoenix Film Project