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Comedy · 2006 · 6 Minutes · DV · Color · 1.85:1 · Stereo · English

Budget Extremely, Ltd. & Matter of Chance present

John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut

Tim discovers that it's unwise to accept a haircut from an angry stylist.

Written and directed by
Bruce Dellis

Jennifer Pfalzgraff .... Rene
Max Bullis .... Tim
Jose Rosete .... Gregory
Cat Hartmann .... Massage Receptionist
Gabriel Loyer .... Gabé
Evangeline Provost .... Salon Receptionist
Deon Doughty .... Salon Customer
Louis Baca .... Salon Customer
Dan O'Meara .... Salon Customer
Wayne Leonard .... Salon Customer
Connie Dellis .... Stylist
"Eye" Candy .... Stylist
Devany & Isabelle .... Dryer Girls

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Assistant Director
Brock H. Brown

Hair & Makeup
Angela Bazelman
Evangeline Provost

Production Assistants
Gabriel Loyer
Deon Doughty
Dan O'Meara
Louis Baca
Wayne Leonard
"Eye" Candy

"Manhattan Beach March"
by John Philip Sousa
Five Arrangements by
Edison Military Band
Steve Francois
Bruce Dellis

Bruce Dellis
Wayne Leonard

Max Bullis
Bruce Dellis

Special Thanks to
Hair Again Salon
Ye Olde Ron-Bros
Cat Hartmann

Official Selection
San Tan
Short Film Festival