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Drama · 2008 · 9 Minutes · DV · Color/Black & White · 1.85:1 · Stereo · Mandarin

Days of Being Wrinkle Free

Change Is Good

Captain is stuck in a laundromat of broken dreams. Dumped by his long-time girlfriend, it seems his world is changing faster than he can bear. For Captain, laundry is the best of therapy. Through 101 laundromat metaphors, he comes to understand and embrace the true nature of change.

Written & Directed by
Jeremy P. Provost
Joshua J. Provost

Carl Provost .... Captain
Erin Bannon .... Girl
Wuzhi Lu .... Captain (voiceover)

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Original Score & Sound Mixing
Luca Antonini

Sound Effects Supervisor
Alden Fahl

Creative Consultants
Brock H. Brown
Gabriel Loyer
Tim Nm

Special thanks to
Micah Blowers
John Gastaldo
Evangeline Provost
Campus Laundry