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Sci-Fi/Thriller · 2005 · 7 Minutes · DV · Color · 2.39:1 · Stereo · English

Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation

The Data is Always Right

Young biotech researcher Alderman is facing increased pressure and rising quotas at AGTC, the corporation of the future. When he discovers his data has been switched with the top secret and nefarious Project Symcor, he is thrust into a dizzying flight to freedom from the corporation that must keep its secrets.

Directed by
Joshua J. Provost

Brock Brown .... Alderman
Ken Cabral .... Barber
Evangeline Provost .... Carpenter
Micah Blowers .... Deakins
Evangeline Provost .... Evans
Larry Garcia .... Fisk
Larry Garcia .... Graves
Joshua Provost .... Holden
John Gastaldo .... Irving
Allison Cabral .... Jenson

Written by
Brock H. Brown
Joshua J. Provost

Director of Photography
Joshua J. Provost

Key Grip
John Gastaldo

Hair & Makeup
Evangeline Provost

Original Score
Micah Blowers

Special thanks to
Phoenix Public Library
Ballboy Productions