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Documentary · 2017 · 70 Minutes · HD · Color · 2.39:1 · Stereo · English

Coalesce: A City Composed

A visual artist and a musician create a series of works in which paintings and musical scores form cohesive pieces intended to be experienced together. The works interpret the excitement and monotony of life in the urban desert sprawl from the diverse perspectives of the native and the newcomer. An intensely focused document of the process of creation and collaboration as four new works come to life.

A film by
Joshua J. Provost

Megan Jonas
Jordan Ignacio

Camera Assistants
Sawyer Helm
Gabriel Loyer
Evangeline Provost

Sound Recording
Gabriel Loyer
Evangeline Provost
Joshua Provost

"The Dark Glow of the Mountains"
"I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor"

Written and performed by Chris Zabriskie
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Special Thanks
Laura Dragon
Robert Gentile